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Looking for a nice color correction? Try it at new Paintstorm release. (Trial period reset)
Hi, the android app with my art called "poolHead, Best Friend" is released, you can check it here:…
PoolHead is a little cute android lived at your smartphone and helps you to find some apps, contacts and other (You can read more in app description). Also he have collection of beautiful wallpapers :)

Coming soon :)
Paintstorm by Hangmoon
New version of Paintstorm Studio  is avalible for downloading.
VERSION 1.25 (19.02.2015)

1) Fixed an issue with two monitors. Now Paintstorm fully supports 2 monitors mode.
2) Fixed a «minimize window» issue. Now you can minimize the window by clicking the taskbar.
3) Fixed a «taskbar autohide» issue.
4) Added the hotkey «swap main and second colors» («Х» set as default).
5) Fixed a «black color» issue in the textured bristle brushes.

Please join my group to support new software for digital painting "Paintstorm Studio".
And also you can promote your art there.
 Paintstorm by Hangmoon
New painting software by MasterTeacher
Dear friends! I have good news for you - there is a new software for CG drawing called "Paintstorm Studio".
As you may have noticed, I almost haven’t posted any pictures for the last two years. And the reason for that is as follows: all this time I was busy creating my own software for painting 
Yes, when once again, I was dissatisfied with the functionality of the software I was using, I suddenly remembered that in fact I am a programmer by education, so I decided to try to create my own software. It was an absolutely crazy idea, because, as I have heard, software development is thousands of dollars to manage and dozens of programmers to involve. However, it seemed to me that it's not very difficult (naive).
At first, it was just interesting (like how to solve puzzles or playing chess). Then I really became interested in and, as usual, it turned out to be something like "so much already done – nowhere to retreat!" :) (Smile)
So, I have done a tremendous amount of work (thousands of hours - almost all of my free time I was spending on programming) And now, two years later, my software is finally ready.
It's called Paintstorm Studio. Please visit You can download and try drawing.
You may now want to ask me: Why is Paintstorm the software to pay for? There are many of free of charge programms from reputable companies. Why should you need to buy this software from an unknown developer?
Indeed, at first I wanted to do Paintstorm free of charge, when decided to create a small utility for personal use, that collects all of my favorite features from all the programs I have been used to and combines them into one, but at some point the project has grown into something bigger and more important, and I began to realize that Paintstorm is really good and convenient.
Of course, it may be be missing some tools and filters for image processing, and it has little drawbacks. Paintstorm, though, is all about brush drawing and I tried to make it the maximum quality. Besides, Paintstorm studio has several unique features you won’t find anywhere else.
I would be really thankful and happy if you could do me a favor and tell your friends about Paintstorm. Even if you do are not very interested and you are totally happy with about current painting software, perhaps your artist friends will find Paintstorm helpful. After all, I am not Adobe, and I do not have millions on advertising.
I created it exactly for you, for artists, so you are the only ones to try Paintstorm, tell your friends, if you like. Hopefully other people will also get to know about it.
I am glad to present to you e-book "Psionics: The Second World", with my artwork on the cover :)…


:iconrussiandrinkingplz: I get DD on…
Special thanks to people, who suggested my work :iconminato-kushina: :icontopicality: :iconnyiana-sama:

also thanks to all my watchers :iconkittylicksyouplz:
I'm still trying ask for all comments :)

P.S. I think it's 1st my work which really deserve DD, but my skill need more improve especially at anatomy
:iconmonkeybombplz: wow, I get DD for my work "Evening wind animation", it became for me a surprise... very good surprise! :iconomgsocuteplz: Thank you to all my friends, who like my works, you all give me ocean of gladness and joy! :iconhappyhappyplz:
here is my little DA icon collection. I will complement this new additions, when I find them
:iconretardiloveitplz::iconrainbowsheep2::icongwompplz::iconiloveitmoreplz::iconsocuteplz::iconkissingplz::iconrussiandrinkingplz::iconbigds::iconscreamingplz::iconlaplz::iconiloveyouplz::iconilikeitplz::iconimhappierplz::iconiloveitmoreplz::iconiloveitplz::iconawesomenessplz::iconlachoirplz::iconkittyglompplz::iconbackhug::iconsweethugplz::icongoofygrinplz::iconomgsocuteplz: :icontardnessplz: :iconcryingplz: :iconforgivemeplz: :iconblush--plz: :icongrin--plz: :icongivemesmilesplz: :iconkittylicksyouplz: :iconbwavoplz: :iconthefonzplz: :iconlol-spartaplz:
Yeeah! my work Cave… was suggested as Daily Devation! thanks for ~YumeYoroshii, *A-s-t-r-a and ^Damaged927 ! Thanks for all my watchers, thanks for
#Anime-Manga-Artists, #anime-artists, #AnimangaArtists and
#digitalBRILLIANCE groups!

I love you all  :love:
To begin with, 3 slots open

1)if you are a popular artist, who have 300+ favs on every new work, I can draw a picture on your orders without trade - as a gift

2)you should have a good description of the job, and if the task - it is your own original character, provide links to a few characteristic works with him

3)if you paint a very bad and you're afraid that will not be able to give me a decent answer, do not worry, I'll give you more job training, as well as for me no greater joy than to share skills - to teach, and to see how students improve their skills

4)I paint slowly (not kicking) :)))

5)if you have nothing to trade, but very much a character or style of any other artist, you can suggest his work as an example

6)If you want a hero of some anime, writing the name of this anime, the name of the hero and pose  plot  clothes and so on

7)I am more interested in drawing from a given story ... example of a bad job - "Draw for me Sakura from Naruto" ... you should describe more specifically what you want to see:)

8)If you do not know - my strengths - color. Weak side - smooth lines and hands:)))

9)I will try as much as you are a good artist:))))
That's what I call a true professional!!
(classic oil)…
It's my first journal entry. :)
I just want to talk about my plans in art. Sorry for such a small count of works, I've madded last time, it's couse I've traveling all the summer :)) Now I am try create some more careful pictures, I am study anatomy and perspective, but it's take a lot of time. My next work should be much more interesting in terms of composition.

But now I had the inspiration to create some 3d work of very photorealism quality. In this gallery I show you only my 2d cg works, but in 3d I am much more skillful :) I am very professional in 3dmax, zbrush but now i'll try to learning Maya, and made something new on this legendary soft :)  ...and, much time i spent to lerning maya tutorials :)

And, what kind of 3d work it will be? :) I'll try to made something like Final fantasy XIII close-up face animated video :))